Power System Engineering

TruePower is professional in the field of power system consist of professional teams provide consultants, design, engineering management and maintenance.

Related subjects completed in decade:

Year Subject
2002 Power monitor system, fire alarm system, emergency power supply and ventilation system, UPS system in Freewayay No.3(Dasi Puding tunnel)
High-voltage and low-voltage power system(OKAMOTO OPTECH CO.,LTD., Japan)
2003 Feeder grounding thermal relay replacement(Dazhi substation, Taipei)
2004 Replacement of relay panel(Hualien(P/S),Longrun(G/S),tongmen(G/S))
2005 169/691KV transmission line protective relay replacement
I-B Electrical/Mechanical Engineering(Hydro power plant, Mingjian)
2006 III-A Electrical/Mechanical Engineering(Hydro power plant, Mingjian)
2007 II Electrical/Mechanical Engineering(Hydro power plant, Mingjian)
2008 69KV transmission line protective relay replacement(secondary substation, taipei)

Planning and Establishment of BOT Case of Hydraulic Power Plant(Mingjian, 2003 - 2006)

Mingjian Hydraulic Power Plant was led by Ministry of Economic Affair base on Build–operate–transfer. The totalt Construction period was 30 months. TruePower is responsible of design, planning, constructing amd testing power instrument including turbine, governor, transformer, switchgear, protective relay, power line, monitor and data collecting system and ancillary works.

  • Transformer、GIS
  • Tower and overhead lines
  • Turbine shaft
  • Generator
  • Generator
  • Turbine inlet valve